ten rules - keep it simple stupid...

Here they are - learn them off by heart - print this page out and carry it around with you for the first 10 days...

"The 100 Day - Metric Diet" Rules ....................................

  1. Tell everyone you meet that you're on a diet - really bore them!

  2. MEN - Eat no more than 2,000 calories /day [if you can do 1,750 / day you'll lose weight quicker] - but don't eat fewer than this!!
    WOMEN - No more than 1,750 calories /day [if you can do 1,500 / day you'll lose weight quicker] - but don't eat fewer than this!!

    (Note: if you're not really that overweight and just want to lose a bit of weight this isn't the diet for you. These calorie amounts will probably be too many for you - as most diets are based around "fast weight loss" and therefore will be nearer to 1,000-1,250 / day

  3. All weight loss is to be measured in Kgs - not lbs or stones... just trust me on this one!

  4. Don't get weighed every day or week - stay focused on the process not the results! So get weighed every 10 days! - make a note - calculate the days in percentages - so you're getting weighed at 10% / 20% etc. Look how far you've come - and how little there is left to do!

  5. Take vitamins (.esp ginseng and multi-vitamins) - they don't do much - but you'll feel really virtuous...

  6. No eating between meals [except fruit or veggies] and NO SKIPPING MEALS - EVER!!

  7. No whinging about being on a diet - embrace it be positive!

  8. No more than 2 units/alcohol a day - you'll just get tipsy and eat something you shouldn't! This diet plan allows for social drinking - just save the units up - but remember to make allowances in your daily calorie counting.

  9. You're allowed up to 5% slippage for "special occasions" - they have to be birthdays, weddings or funerals to count - remember this diet is only for 100 days - not the rest of your life! If you have days off you must do the equivalent number of days at the end of the 100 days. i.e. the first time I did the diet I had 3 days "off" - so I ended up doing 103 days in total.

  10. Make sure you wear different clothes... see clothing

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