Everybody knows there are only really two ways to lose weight.

You actually know this already - it's really dull ...but let's repeat them together????

Method One - "Eat fewer calories than you burn!" - Catwalk model technique

Method Two - "Burn more calories than you eat!" - Olympic athlete technique

Listening recently to another "guru" who's launched a book to "help" people diet I thought - hang on a second this isn't rocket science... it's just common sense!

I've struggled with yoyo weight loss for the last 10 years so I decided to create this blog as a "simple diet for simple men!".

Since then I've spoken to a number of women who liked the idea - so I've broadened it out for anyone - male or female who's fucking simple...


Please note: this is still work in progress... there'll be some podcast information to support each section.


If you find this blog useful please please tell other people about it and pass it on. Remember you can post comments, encouragement etc. anywhere indicated.

Cartoons are taken from the excellent - hugh macleod

David Coe - 18/7/05