1. Throw out anything in your wardrobe that's too big for you - as you are at the moment - right here right now... you're not going to get any bigger!!

  2. Put the clothes that you still have from "when you were thinner" on the right hand side of your wardrobe - that's what you're aiming for!

  3. If any of these clothes are really out of date / sad loser type clothes - just throw them away now!! You won't want to wear them by the time you can! Recycle them or sell them on Vinted - or similar...

  4. Go out and buy 2 pairs of cheap trousers / skirts / whatever - that are the correct size for your current waist size - one smart / one casual.
    (No pretending on size... these are disposable - you'll be throwing them away in 4-6 weeks time!!)

  5. As these clothes get too big for you - buy some more!! Repeat from 1 as necessary.

  6. ...there aren't 10 rules on clothing yet!

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